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Canon 5D Firmware 1.1.1 Update for Linux
So you want to update your 5Dc to the latest firmware - v1.1.1. Great! So you go to http://web.canon.jp/imaging/eos5d/eos5d_firmware-e.html, read carefully, and click download, only to be faced with a problem: your options are to download a file for Windows or Mac.
And of course, the file is just an executable that decompresses a firmware. No reason to require a windows or a mac to process this! But it's a massive pain to deal with this on Linux...
So to make your life easy: Here's the file! It's a .fir file, downloadable directly and uncompressed from my website. It doesn't cost anything, it's free to use and download from Canon, except now you don't have to deal with their crap windows/mac requirement which has nothing to do with your camera!
Ches Koblents
December 14, 2014
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