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Design Analysis: 4-channel level shifter
In a previous article, I talked about how a bidirectional mosfet level shifter works. I built a 4-channel model.
Mosfet 4-channel level shifter front Mosfet 4-channel level shifter back
Now let's see how it actually performed.

Recall the circuit for one channel:
basic mosfet level shifter
First up: does it do its basic task? To find out, I used a pair of power supplies set to 5V and 3V, and a multimeter. Did it work?
You bet it did.
Second: was the form factor acceptable? Yep, it's small but easy to use on a breadboard, and fits perfectly in the middle. Did it draw too much power? Not for my uses. Was it cheap? You bet!
You can order the PCB from OSH Park here, and buy the rest of the components from Digikey. (The transistor is BSS138CT-ND, the resistors are RMCF0805JT10K0CT-ND, and I'm sure you can find your own male headers.)
I'll post the design files up on git later, but for now, here's what the schematic and board looked like:
4-channel level shifter schematic
4-channel level shifter board
Ches Koblents
February 27, 2014
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