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Blue Grand Canyon
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Blue Grand Canyon
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Spider Rock
Published Jan 10, 2017
Looks like the backdoor roth will still be good for 2017.
If you're above the roth contribution income limits, it works like this:
1. Contribute to Traditional IRA
2. Convert (not recharacterize) to Roth IRA.
Published Dec 8, 2016
So... why does
exist, if it's equivalent to these 2 lines? The C library is not known for its excessive focus on providing convenient shorthands!
It turns out there are actually two differences between calling
, versus calling
malloc + memset
Published Nov 14, 2016
"Thunderbolt 3 relies on the USB-C physical connector and, with the appropriate adapters, supports nearly all common peripheral-connection and networking protocols, including USB 2, USB 3, FireWire, Thunderbolt 2, Ethernet, and DisplayPort, and by extension, HDMI, DVI, and VGA."
Published Oct 17, 2016
I had a bit of trouble finding the autocross event held at the Marina Airport for the BMW club (who are inclusive of other cars, which is why I went) - they didn't have signs up. Hopefully this map helps others. The entrance is right before (to the south-west) of the hangar area, to the right off Imjin Rd, just past Anzu Corp. The entrance is a bit steep; if you have a low car, go slow and at an angle.
3180 Imjin Rd
Published Sep 30, 2016
Great one-liner for a script to get the directory it resides in -
DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
Linked from the stackoverflow page where I found this.
Published Sep 2, 2016
Had a problem recently: on a mac,
weren't transferring data to/from the GUI Command-C and Command-P (copy and paste).
After much consternation, the correct solution ended up being a system reboot. Problem solved. No, killing pboard didn't help.
Published Jul 13, 2016
I often search for something, then want to edit the files where it's found. Here's a nice function I stuck in my bashrc to do just that.
grepvim() {
	if [ -z $1 ]; then echo "Must supply search string."; return 1; fi
	if [ -z $2 ]; then echo "Must supply search file(s)."; return 1; fi
	vim $(grep $1 ${@:2} | sed -e "s/:.*$//" | sort -u)
grepvim search file1 [file2, wildcard, etc...]
Published Jun 26, 2016
"It was not designed in isolation to prove a point, or to serve as an example, but as a tool to write programs that did useful things; it was always meant to interact with a larger operating system, and was regarded as a tool to build larger tools."
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