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Ches Koblents
I'm a programmer, engineer, hacker, tinkerer, linux resident, and occasionally eat food. I love to cook, play with my camera, drive across the country, and need to start playing water polo again.
I just graduated from Northeastern with a BS in EE and minors in CS and Math. I love programming, and do it all the time - at work, for school, and for fun. I love C++, and maintain that good perl+regex is neat and readable. Heck, I even wrote assembly and microcode for six months at Intel; there, I was lucky enough to work on awesome server chips over my three co-ops - Itanium, Xeons, and a Xeon Phi.
I design amateur-level circuitry and PCBs for fun using eagle/kicad, and manufacture them using Osh Park (oshpark.com) due to their unbeatable prices, turnaround time, quality, and support. I always want to learn more, and do more, on the entire stack: circuit design to PCB to chip design to low-level programming to high-level programming.
I work as a Silicon Validation Engineer at Apple, working on engineery things and building fun stuff. It's very interesting but you'll have to take my word for it!
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