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Published Jan 30, 2017
"Release 5.1 is a disappointment. Performance for common operations has dropped 40% from 4.0.5, we shipped with 500 priority 1 and 2 bugs, and a base Indy is much more sluggish than a Macintosh. Disk space requirements have increased dramatically.
The primary cause is that we attempted far too much in too little time. Management would not cut features early, so we were forced to make massive cuts in the final weeks of the release.
What shall we do now? Let's not look for scapegoats, but learn from our mistakes and do better next time."
Published Jan 27, 2017
This document is a collection of facts about ASCII and related technologies, notably hardware terminals and RS-232 and modems. This is lore that was at one time near-universal and is no longer. Itís not likely to be directly useful today - until you trip over some piece of still-functioning technology where itís relevant (like a GPS puck), or it makes sense of some old-fart war story. Even so, itís good to know anyway, for cultural-literacy reasons.
Published Jan 10, 2017
Looks like the backdoor roth will still be good for 2017.
If you're above the roth contribution income limits, it works like this:
1. Contribute to Traditional IRA
2. Convert (not recharacterize) to Roth IRA.
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